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'I want to give back,' Coast Guard veteran launches business with goal to help others

A local Coast Guard veteran has turned his passion for the water into a business and he's using some of his profit to help others in need.

John Walmsley, originally of Breakwater, Rhode Island, said he spent 13 years as a member of the United States Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard took him all over the country before a back injury ended his military career.

Walmsley said he's enjoyed deep-water fishing and anything having to with the sea throughout his life.

"There's nothing better than heading out there," said Walmsley. "The small boats that we launch off of our cutters [in the Coast Guard] are called OTH’s."

Walmsley took the name and created a brand, as his fishing apparel company that sells hats and shirts of all kinds has been trademarked as "Over the Horizon, LLC."

"Mentally, in my mind, I had the idea two years ago," said Walmsley. "Nine days ago, I came up with the logo."

Walmsley set up shop at the New England Salt Water Fish show this past weekend.


By day, Walmsley is a dispatcher at the Attleboro Police Department. His hopes of becoming a patrol officer were cut short due to injuries he previously sustained.

"I got a second chance at life and I just want to do something," he told NBC 10 News.

Walmsley aid he's already planning on helping disabled veterans and will be donating some of his profits to a little boy battling cancer.

"We have a young male that comes into our Attleboro police department and his mom is struggling with medical bills," he said. "Besides donating, we're hoping to do some big things for him."

While Walmsley plans to support the community, he's lured in the support of some fishing big wigs like the guys from the television show, "Wicked Tuna," and "Tuna Dot Com," who were in attendance at the Convention Center.

"I had confidence in myself but I didn’t think it was going to blow up like this," he said. "It’s crazy. Obviously, everybody here has been supportive."

Walmsley said he's eager to continue moving forward with his business. His goal is to give back to the Rhode Island community as much as possible.

"I want to give back," he said. "I want to even start young kids in high school graphic designers if I can start a tuition assistance program, I’m all about it."